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Streamline Your Edge and Cloud Storage with Nexodata

Experience superior data handling with Nexodata’s cloud-native distributed storage. Designed for AI/ML, data lake, and workloads, our solution ensures secure, efficient operation across multiple platforms.

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Why Nexodata?

Simplify your storage infrastructure and protect your data with Nexodata cloud-native storage solutions. We provide unparalleled storage reliability, superior system availability, and fortified data security for your operations.

Optimized Transfers

Nexodata excels with unique data transfer optimization, demanding minimal transfers for unmatched storage reliability.

Resilient Coding

Our patented network coding shields against single-site failures, elevating system availability and safeguarding operations.

Secure Redundancy

We revolutionize data redundancy, encoding and dispersing data across data centers, minimizing storage overhead and fortifying data security.


Empowering Community:
The Open Source Edge via Nexoedge


Nexodata thrives on the power of collaboration, fostering a dynamic open-source community. An open-source version of Nexodata, Nexoedge, is available on GitHub. We cherish this collective intelligence, nurturing a symbiotic environment where innovation flourishes and everyone contributes to the evolution of edge infrastructure solutions.

Platform Agnostic

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Our system interfaces harmoniously at the edge and in the cloud with multiple orchestration platforms, adeptly supporting both private and public clouds, guaranteeing seamless operations.


Efficient Storage

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NexoEdge’s innovative technology enables 25% to 75% less storage capacity, while maintaining high reliability. Our API-centric approach bypasses the need for local storage reliance.

Optimized Bandwidth

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NexoEdge minimizes your bandwidth requirements without sacrificing reliability. Our data repair process requires 25% to 75% less bandwidth compared to traditional storage, offering a significant efficiency advantage.


Robust Security

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Our approach ensures a security breach in one cloud or data center will not compromise your information. Utilize secret sharing for heightened confidentiality, delivering peace of mind.

Unleashing Kubernetes Synergy

Nexodata, a Kubernetes-native solution, delivers unrivaled efficiency and reliability. Experience up to 75% storage savings, avoid vendor lock-in, and enjoy consistent object storage across multi-cloud environments. Nexodata empowers you with full control over your software stack, maximizing performance and efficiency.

    • Unparalleled Control: Full command over your software stack with Nexodata.
    • Dynamic Flexibility: Nexodata and Kubernetes – escape cloud lock-in.
    • Consistent Storage: Stable, reliable data access across multi-cloud environments.
    • Patented Excellence: Six patents backing superior resilience and efficiency.


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    Reach out today. We’re poised to answer your queries, guiding you to harness Nexodata’s patented, innovative data solutions for optimal results.